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At Incuentro, we believe inclusion should not be just an initiative or a program – rather, it should be part of your culture. We are educators, mothers, and businesswomen who’ve worked in this field for over 70 combined years, with students of all age levels, in various scenarios from home, to school, to the workforce.

We know that many families raising children on the autism spectrum or with similar special needs feel stressed out and isolated because the world is hard to navigate, unwelcoming, and judgmental at times.

For many with neurodiversity – reading other’s faces (emotions), interpreting the “unwritten” rules, maintaining composure under stress, and organizing thoughts and priorities do not come easily. Add language or communication difficulties, anxiety, and a lack of self-esteem, and it can be challenging for even someone with the right skills and a dedicated work ethic to make friends and maintain meaningful work!

We are proud to share our knowledge and insight with you because we believe increased knowledge enhances empathy and gets us to where true inclusion occurs naturally and easily for everyone.

Brandi Timmons, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

I’m Brandi Timmons, a Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a TEA-certified special educator. My passion for working with autistic individuals started in the classroom when I realized how much kids could accomplish when we are looking for their strengths and providing the right supports. I now have almost 20 years of experience working with individuals with autism – 15 of those in public school classrooms.

I enjoy writing social skills curricula and producing educator and parent trainings. I particularly love creating new programs to serve those in the autism community. I have been published in Autism Parenting Magazine and served as co-principal investigator on several research initiatives in conjunction with the University of Houston and AMA National Conference speaker.

I believe in creating a climate of high expectations for individuals with autism and similar neurodiversity. We must work together to reduce judgment, bias, and bust the stereotypical myths that are all too common. I love sharing knowledge and having breakthrough successes because my data is better than your opinion!


When I’m not working, you’ll either find me riding horses or with dirty hands working in my garden.

Lorraine Klim, M.Ed. 

I’m Lorraine Klim, an educator passionate about supporting families and communities seeking to increase inclusivity and acceptance while implementing support systems to bring out the best in everyone. My career path has led me through opportunities and experiences that have developed a personal affinity and capacity to successfully develop programs, training, coaching, and support to carry ideas from design to execution.

In my last two positions, I was granted the discretion to expand existing Autism support classrooms and public school district programs using research-based practices and protocols. This includes being the co-author and developer of a Texas Education Agency grant authorized through Texas Education Code, 29.026 as added by House Bill 21, Section 3, 85th Texas Legislature, 2017 for Services to Students with Autism. This one-million-dollar grant/year involved a co-op of school districts along the Texas Gulf Coast that were identified as needing weekly support and coaching to develop an Autism program that did not exist. My team was awarded the grant for two successful years.

My talents in the area of neurodiversity excel in the design, development, and execution of training projects, especially regarding focus, action, and accountability.

Wendy Dawson, Founder

Hi! I’m Wendy – Stepmom to a wonderful young man diagnosed with autism 24 years ago. About 1 in 1000 children were diagnosed on the spectrum when he was diagnosed, prompting me to found Social Motion Skills in 2010 to solve the need for social skills training for children and young adults in our community.


Over the years, I have assisted in various research projects on developing social skills for persons with ASD. In addition, I consult and regularly present in the areas of special needs, management, and strategic planning. Now, through Incuentro, we are expanding trainings to include businesses who want to better serve the neurodiverse population and companies who wish to hire neurodiverse individuals successfully. I believe an organization should reflect the people it serves.


Businesses should be able to confidently serve those with neurodiversity, support their employees raising kids on the autism spectrum, hire neurodivergent talent and train their team to work well with diversity. It’s not only good for business but also for the 1 in 44 children diagnosed with autism every year. 

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