Site and scenario specific trainings to promote inclusion and accessibility to the world - for the neurodiverse world.

(Neurodiversity includes ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, Tourette’s syndrome and other similar social cognitive learning and communication differences.)

Is your front door open to those with neurodiversity? Will everyone who passes through feel welcome?

“Front door” trainings are provided in person or live via video with your staff to improve business outcomes when neurodiverse individuals enter your “front door”. More details here

Ready to hire neurodiverse individuals?
Here's How!

  • BirkmaND – workplace accommodations geared towards workplace inclusion and productivity

  • WorkSmarts for Employees – the social skills they need to feel safe and thrive in the working world

  • WorkSmarts for managers, supervisors, colleagues and team members – coaching to understand neurodiversity and implement accommodations so sustainable inclusion occurs naturally

* Nimmo-Smith V. et al. J. Autism Dev. Discord. Pub ahead of print (2019) PubMed

** According to date from the CDC 

Benefits of an inclusive environment


Reduced judgement and bias create a sense of safety and belonging when interacting with your business


Employees see their company embracing and acting upon diversity, equity, and inclusion ideals. Employees with neurodiverse family members appreciate their employer recognizing the additional challenges associated with raising/ caring for a special needs individual.


Knowledge increases confidence and empathy when working with neurodiverse individuals


Business reflects and has connections to the community it serves