Neurodiversity at Work

BirkmaND  +  WorkSmarts = Longterm successful inclusion

Incuentro and Birkman have partnered to create a viable path to assist you in hiring neurodivergent (ND) talent and ensuring they are part of the team. It takes knowledge, communication, and a comfort level on each side of the employee/ employer relationship to make the ND hiring/relationship work. This is why we combine the BirkmaND relational assessment with WorkSmarts, a 40-week workplace social skill coaching program and training for those who work with neurodiverse individuals.

How is BirkmaND different from other “personality” assessments? With BirkmaND, the Employee learns about their strengths and strategies to self-advocate. Employers rely on the BirkmaND to understand individual communication styles.

The BirkmaND assesses interests, strengths, needs and stressors to provide a novel set of accommodations specifically created to assist with hiring and workforce inclusion of neurodivergent individuals! No other assessment provides this fine-tuned introspective information that is invaluable for building inclusive and diverse teams.

WORKSMARTS for EMPLOYEES: 40-week live video workplace social coaching classes

Our 70+ years of special education expertise has taught us that neurodiverse individuals do best with ongoing support that provides a continuum of learning and a safe way to continue de-mystifying the workplace.  WorkSmarts provides this continued coaching opportunity where participants learn from group discussion around common workplace scenarios.  WorkSmarts provides imperative follow through when a placement assessment or a modified interview alone is not enough.

WORKSMARTS for EMPLOYERS: 20-week live video college and manager training for those who work with neurodiverse individuals

Savvy employers know harnessing the power of different ideas and perspectives leads to competitive advantage but what if communication impairs sharing and understanding? Employers are now able to fully engage teams in understanding neurodiversity through WorkSmarts for employers. Team trainings for colleagues and supervisors of neurodivergent employees help create a naturally occurring support system for the ND individual while increasing empathy and inclusion for long term successful employment and engagement.

Provide your staff the knowledge they need based on our years of education expertise and scientific research!

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